Established in 2002, BeTranslated is a Spain-based language translation services company with a distributed management team based in various European, Asian, and North and South American markets. Unified by our web-based translation management platform, BeTranslated assigns and distributes projects according to the specialization, expertise, and resources of our local teams. The US branch of our business is a Delaware registered company called Crossroads Translation Company LLC.

Our geographical spread provides us with several unique advantages. First, we can take advantage of local translation teams based on the languages involved. Second, we can use the time zone differences to our advantage, working effectively around the clock to meet the tightest deadlines and requirements.

We use only native language, professional translators and editors, usually living in the country of the target language. Where technical subject matter expertise is required, we select translators with proven experience in the domain. Our high-quality translations are carried out in three steps: a full translation by a qualified translator, followed by a sentence-by-sentence revision by an editor, followed by a check by the project manager.

We value good service, high-quality translations, and happy customers.